Port of Tyne

Lynemouth Power Ltd, which operates Lynemouth Power Station on the Northumberland coast, has awarded a contract to the specialist engineering business for the design and construction of a facility for the handling, storage and rail-loading of wood pellets at the port.

Up to 200 construction jobs will be created as a result of the contract.

The new facilities will handle up to 1.8m tonnes annually of wood pellets, offering the capability to meet the full requirements of Lynemouth Power Station.

The fully integrated and automated system will enable wood pellets to be conveyed mechanically to one of three newly-built silos, each capable of storing 25,000 tonnes of material. The pellets will then be discharged from the silos via two conveying streams to a rail-loading facility to take the material to Lynemouth.

Industry-leading particle controls will be in place throughout the system, as well as sophisticated measures to monitor and manage the condition of the wood pellets.

Precision Projects have been awarded the contract to fully clad 9nr structures ranging from Transfer Towers, Penthouses and Canopies internally and externally. Due to the product passing through the structures, extra special attention has had to be considered when designing this project to ensure no water can penetrate, no dust can accumulate and necessary ventilation is in place to extract and dust that should arise.