Gladstone Bio Mass

A new £100m biomass terminal for the Port of Liverpool will handle up to three million tonnes of wood pellets a year as part of the decarbonisation of Drax power station.

The wood pellets – to be shipped to Liverpool from North America – are a by-product of the commercial forestry and saw-milling industry and will provide the Selby-based power station with a new, sustainable low carbon fuel source.

In transitioning from coal to sustainable biomass Drax will reduce its CO2 footprint by some 12m tonnes per annum, the equivalent to removing 10% of the cars on the UK roads.

All of the wood pellets will be sent to Drax by rail from Liverpool to Selby ensuring there is no impact on the local road network.

Our scope of works included for the internal dust closure flashings and external roof & wall cladding inc necessary flashings.

Precision Projects supplied and installed the followng materials required to complete this project.

  • Coverworld C32 Profile Sheeting
  • Coverworld R32 Profile Sheeting
  • 0.7mm steel pressed flashings